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How it Works



Instruct your suppliers, shops, or customers to send your orders to our address in the country of your choice. We will provide you with addresses free of charge.


Once we receive your parcel, we will inform you, provide you with photos, and perform any action you require (repackaging, consolidation, removing invoice, etc.)


At your request, we will forward the parcel to your address in any country at very competitive shipping rates. You can also store your parcels with us for free.

Shop in Europe Tax-Free

We forward your orders worldwide

With LocalAddress24 you can buy any products from any European shop or supplier regardless of where you are in the world. We provide you with a combination of unique services:

  • Tax-free Shopping Experience
  • Concierge & Shopping Assistant
  • Free Shipping Addresses in Europe and UAE
  • Free Secured Storage
  • Quality and Condition Check & Photo Report
  • Customs Handling & VAT Compliance
  • Repackaging & Consolidation
  • Package Forwarding Service at the Best Shipping Rates
  • Smart Forwarding Rules and Automations
  • 5-star Customer Service & Support


Forward as you want, when you want, wherever you want

Free Delivery Address

Receive your parsels at one of our addresses worldwide

Free Storage

Store your parcels in our secure warehouses for as long as you need

Consolidation ∙ Grouping

Save on shipping costs by grouping several parcels into one

Custom Packing

Choose packaging for a special occasion, or provide your own branded packaging

Photo of Your Parcel

You will receive a high-quality photo of each received parcel including the label

Repackaging or Splitting

Repackaging, shrinking, grouping, splitting, combining, replacing, or any other required action

Returns Handling for Ecommerce

Use our addresses to receive the returns from your customers

Box Removal or Replacement

Instruct us to replace or remove packaging, or add additional packaging

Invoices Removal or Replacement

Instruct us to replace, remove or add an invoice or other documents inside the parcel

Purchase Assistant

Local payment methods ∙ In-store pick-up ∙ Custom product orders ∙ Dispute resolution ∙ Returns

Packaging Materials

Wide range of high quality packaging materials for safe shipping and magical unboxing experience

Shipping Insurance

Extra protection for your parcel with European Shipment Insurance

Dropshipping Forwarding

Repackaging, processing, and forwarding of your dropshipping orders

Quality & Condition Check

Detailed inspection of the quality and condition of your purchase to avoid disappointments

Documents Scanning

The documents inside the parcel can be scanned and sent to you

Custom Labelling

Any standard and customized stickers and labels can be used

Discounted Shipping Rates

The most favorable shipping rates from the most reliable delivery services

Smart Forwarding Rules

Automate and speed up the shipping process with our Smart Forwarding Rules

Parcel Management

Keep an accurate track of your parcels with our advanced Parcel Management system

Tax-free Shopping

Get VAT Refund on all your online purchases in Europe

Customs Clearance

Let us handle all customs procedures and formalities

Dispute Management

Not happy with your purchase? Return, Exchange or Refund? We are happy to help!

Discreet Forwarding

Completely anonymous forwarding can be done upon request

Parcel Tracking

Track the delivery of your parcel in real time

Rent a Company

With Rent-a-Company you can easily get paid and invoice your clients from the rented company. Simply focus on your work and clients without having to deal with the costs and time constraints of running your own company.


Quality First

Customer Satisfaction

According to the latest independent report, 96.4% of our customers are completely satisfied with our services

Quality Control

Rest assured of our multi-step quality control process based on the international ISO standards


Unprecedented safety measures to protect employees and customers against COVID-19

Super Fast Forwarding

Get your delivery address within 5 minutes ∙ Enjoy our famous Same-day Forwarding

Personal Account Manager

Never tell your story twice: Your personal manager is aware of all your orders

Transparent Pricing

One single forwarding fee: No cost calculators and complex formulas

Safe Storage

Тhe safety of your parcels is ensured by our insured and guarded warehouses


No long-term commitments and agreements: Pay-As-You-Go or order several forwarding as a bundle with discount

No Minimums

1 parcel or 100? We will provide the same quality service to any order


Our scalability solutions will allow you to grow smart and efficiently

Customer Service Award

Our forwarding centers have an on-site customer happiness manager to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise

ISO Standards

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for Transport and Logistics Industry

FREE Company in Holland

Start your business today in one of the most prestigious countries in Europe without start capital and investments. Enjoy the tax benefits, banking services, and outstanding logistics infrastructure.

Shipping Partners

Enjoy the best shipping rates


Clear & Simple

Our prices are guaranteed all inclusive with no hidden fees or charges.

Set-up and SupportFREEAccount setup takes 30 seconds. First-class support at your service.
Delivery AddressFREEGet your addresses in Europe and the UAE
Receiving your parcelFREE
Storage of your parcelFREE
Photo of your parcelFREE
Forwarding of your parcel€ 9.45 / itemDiscounts for 5 ∙ 10 ∙ 15 ∙ 20 ∙ 25 parcels packages

Virtual Office Services

Full-service virtual office provider in Germany, The Netherlands, UK and other countries

Proof of Address Service

Get official verifiable Proof of Address for personal or business purposes with notarial certification and Apostille.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Local landline and mobile phone numbers and virtual phone systems (PBX ∙ VOIP ∙ SIP)

Fulfillment Services

Technology Driven E-Commerce Fulfillment: Re∙Packaging ∙ Re∙Labeling ∙ Re∙Shipping ∙ Returns


Business Bank Account

Looking for a bank account for your company? With, in just a few clicks, you can apply for your Business Bank Account at 50+ participating banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer all your questions about LocalAddress24 services.

Yes. We will send you an automatic confirmation mail right away after your FREE registration.

Of course, you will be emailed an invoice as soon as the payment transaction is complete.

Yes, this service is standard and free of charge for each incoming parcel. You will find the image in your customer account in your INBOX. For more detailed photos or even an inspection of your items please select options in your INBOX.

Yes we can. Simply check the option in your account in the OUTBOX when initiating your shipment.

Our English-speaking customer service Support Team is available to offer assistance and guidance through our Live Chat and WhatsApp.

We also offer support in Dutch, French, German and Russian during office hours.

We are a member of one of the largest affiliate networks -

Please join to participate in our Affiliate Program.

Certainly. Please contact our Sales Team for a discount.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Please contact our Sales Team.

Our prices are listed in Euro.

You can start using our services completely free of charge:
- Open a free account
- Get a free delivery address
- Receive your parcel at our address for free
- Get a free photo of your parcel
- Store your parcel in our warehouse for free

You will only need to pay for sending (forwarding) the parcel to you

Advanced Services

Solution for Any Problem

Your Local Team

Our professional local team is ready to provide you with any services

Virtual Office

Full-service Virtual Office including Registered Office & Business Address

Personal Mail Address

Receive personal mail and official correspondence at our address

Concierge Service

Let us improve your Shopping Experience: Best Suppliers, Special Requests, Custom Made Items, etc.

Local Landline Number

Use a local phone number for your wholesale orders, online shopping and deliveries

Local Mobile Number

Local mobile number with Whatsapp and SMS support

Local P.O. Box

Dedicated P.O. Box service is offered at all post offices across the Europe and UAE

Rental Lease Agreement

Need a rental agreement to verify your address? We can help!

Fulfillment Services

E-Commerce Fulfillment and 3PL Services for direct-to-consumer brands

Local IP Address

Improve your local presence with a local IP address

Trademark Registration

Protect your Brand Name and Logo with Trademark registration in your target countrues

Barcode Registration

Obtain a unique localized Barcode for your products

We are your Local Team

Our professional team is ready to provide you with any services and fulfill any assignments. Why hire your own expensive staff when you already have our Local Team.

Examples of tasks you can assign to us:

  • Document Legalisation & Apostille
  • Company Changes to the Trade Register
  • Identification and Verification of Clients
  • Checking the References of Employees
  • Printing Documents & Collecting Signatures
  • Courier Pick up & Delivery
  • Photographer & Video Maker
  • Templates of Legal Documents
  • Local Compliance checks
  • Local Bank Account opening
  • Extract from Trade Register
  • Corporate Document Recovery
  • Website Localisation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Secretarial Services
  • Translation Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • HR Services
  • Personal Assistant